For (temporary) high protection

VANHEST GERMANY GmbH is the producer of a high quality synthetic material, mainly used for the application of temporary protective coatings for corrosion sensitive surfaces. Due to its unique nature and application method this protective coating can be used on small but also large objects. For example, our product is used for over 50 years to protect large generators and turbines, worldwide. When the object has reached his final destination the ISOCON® cover seal is easily stripped, and the objects are in no time ready for assembly or use.

The concept
Our concept is inspired by the world famous caterpillar which is protected by an all-weather resistant cocoon-skin before it gets a beautiful Butterfly. ISOCON® does the same.
More than 50 years ISOCON® protects many  generators, turbines, spare parts as well as other equipment and keeps them free from corrosion and moist during (over) sea transport or long-term storage out- or inside! This high quality protection is proved by many international- tests and technical experience. You can count on our know-how!
ISOCON® is a spray-able liquid and produced with UV-stabilizers for perfect protection during all-weather circumstances.  Applied with the spray-guns of VANHEST, especially designed for ISOCON® 30 liter drums, you can easily create the high protective cocoon-skin.
This skin will protect your high quality products for a long period of storage or transport. After this period you can easily get your products ready for assembly. The ISOCON® skin can be stripped easily and your product is ready to be used in no time.
ISOCON® can be applied on all metallic surfaces, rubber, hard plastics etc..  Using ISOCON® for protection of your products will astonish you, over and over again!